Surf Uncrowded Waves in Morocco

Fun, Crowd-Free Surf Learning and Surf Guiding in Morocco’s Hidden Gems

There are excellent, and largely overlooked by travelers, surf spots in this region, making it a great alternative to the crowds around Taghazout in the south. The few locals know the spots and are usually friendly to share directions and tips. A little French and a friendly smile help enormously, as most Moroccan surfers in the area are curious and eager to meet travelers.

Welcome to Uncrowded Surf Morocco, where the magic of surfing meets tranquility

Our camp unveils the less-explored waves of northern Morocco. As the first surf camp dedicated to uncrowded surf spots, we prioritize your safety and enjoyment, curating a fun-filled experience in the midst of serene, calm, and breathtaking surroundings. Immerse yourself in the region’s rich cultural tapestry, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of uncrowded beauty.

Professional Surf Instruction

Effective Teaching & Safety Awareness

Dive into waves with confidence! Our surf camp boasts expert instructors, ensuring a thrilling and safe experience for every wave seeker.

Great Surfing Packages

Enhanced Surf Camp Experience

Join our surf community for tailored adventure packages at all levels. We offer diverse packages that ensure an epic ride and foster a vibrant, inclusive community.

Exclusive Uncrowded Waves

Friendly beginner to advanced breaks

Escape the crowds! Our surf camp is nestled in an uncrowded haven, providing serene waves for an exclusive and blissful experience.

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About The Destination

Nestled between Rabat and Casablanca, our coastal haven offers golden sands and a tranquil atmosphere.
Embrace a unique blend of tradition and modernity with hospitality, delicious cuisine, and vibrant souks.
Proximity to Casablanca and Rabat makes this destination a short journey away,
perfect for those seeking relaxation and adventure along Morocco’s picturesque shores.

Rabat & Casablanca

September till June

Sunny 15C to 26C

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Tranquil haven! This surf camp’s serene locale sets it apart. Uncrowded waves, skilled instructors—Morocco’s best-kept secret.

Elena Rossi

Recent Guest

Escape the crowds! Exceptional surf experience in a quiet gem. Expert guidance, untouched waves—Morocco’s hidden surf paradise.

Viktor Ivanov

Recent Guest


/ 5.0

Customer Reviews

Peaceful perfection! Amid Morocco’s surf scene, this camp stands out. Uncrowded bliss, personalized coaching—serenity in every wave.

Sophie Müller

Recent Guest

Hidden oasis! Unlike the bustling surf spots, this camp offers tranquility and uncrowded waves. A unique Moroccan surfing escape.

Andrej Kovačić

Recent Guest