Riding the Waves of
Friendship & Passion

We are Amine and Dris, and we live and breathe surfing. For over 15 years, we’ve been catching waves and sharing our love for this sport. Surfing is not just a hobby for us – it’s a way of life.

We’re passionate about the health and fitness benefits of surfing, and we know that mental health is just as important. Our superpower is seeing potential where others miss it, and we’ve tapped into our backyard’s untapped beauty and surf gems.

While the Southern parts of Morocco may be hyped, we prefer the peace of the North. The water is cleaner, the swell is consistent, and the vibes are right.

Our values are simple but powerful – community, love, togetherness, health, fun, and growth. These aren’t just words to us – they’re the currents that guide us as we ride the waves of friendship, potential, and the pure joy of surfing.

We welcome all surfers, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting. With us, you’ll have a spot on the board. Let’s catch some waves, create epic memories, and grow this surfing family together. See you in the lineup!

The Surf Camp

Relax in our comfy rooms and take in the peaceful vibes of our uncrowded beach. Whether you’re a beginner learning to surf or want to up your skills, it’s all in a laid-back fun setting.

Surf Guiding

Looking to discover peaceful and lesser-known surfing spots? Our expert guidance will help you explore and refine your skills. Plus, we’ll help you boost your physical fitness and resilience.

The Surf Trip

Experience the ultimate surf adventure for experienced surfers. Explore uncharted surf spots with stunning views of Morocco’s wild landscapes. Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture as we discover the best surf spots.

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meet Us

Dris Mhammedi

CEO & Founder

Surfing for over 20 years. Coach and entrepreneur advocating healthy and purposeful living.

WA : +351914073735

Amine Didi

Co-Founder & Business Development

Surfer for over 20 years. Entrepreneur and hospitality expert

Ph : ‭+212 6 61 38 44 44‬

Our Coaches


Head Surf Coach
All levels – Surf Guiding


Surf Coach
Beginners – Intermeditates


Surf Coach
Beginners – Intermeditates


Surf Coach
Beginners – Intermeditates


Surf Coach
Beginners – Intermeditates