How I grew Up Surfing Uncrowded Waves at Home

By Published On: August 3, 2022

In the golden days of endless summers, where flip-flops were my footwear and the surfboard was a cherished companion, Skhirat Beach was not just a beach—it was the heart of my childhood. The sunsets painted the sky with hues of orange and pink, the sand beneath my feet told tales of countless adventures, and the waves, oh, they were more than mere water—they were my friends, my teachers, and the rhythm to which I danced.

Growing up on the sandy shores of Skhirat wasn’t just a blessing; it was the very fabric of my existence. The surfboard was my magic carpet, and each wipeout was a lesson in resilience. Those early days were filled with laughter, the joy that only the ocean, in all its vastness and mystery, can bring.

Skhirat Beach: Where the Story Began

Skhirat Beach wasn’t just a spot on the map; it was the stage where my surfing story unfolded. I still remember standing on the sandy shore for the first time, feeling the salty breeze tugging at my hair, and the anticipation before paddling out into the unknown. Skhirat wasn’t just a place; it was home—a sandy playground where I took my first wobbly steps into the world.

We used to spend our summers in our beach house, and that’s where I have my warmest childhood memories. Building sand castles, chasing crabs, learning to fish with my dad, and later surfing and making bonfires. I got hooked on surfing a little later, and everything evolved around that new passion. The lifestyle, the looks, everything! Back then, I had no idea how much surfing would influence my life.

Those were some fantastic years. What I did and what I learned shaped most of my core values and beliefs, where the waves were not just water but old friends welcoming me into their embrace. My passion for surfing grew tremendously, and I spent all my 20s exploring and improving my surfing skills. With a small group of friends, we used to surf early mornings before heading to the office. You would find us in the parking lots, wetsuits on, warming up, and waiting for the first light to jump in the water and squeeze in an early surf session. The surf exploration days then started.

Embarking on the Unknown: Mehdia Beach Beckons

Mehdia Beach is a great place for surfers looking for a new and exciting challenge. The waves there are strong and perfect for those who want to catch some impressive breaks. With its sandy beaches and a vast ocean, Mehdia Beach offers a perfect surfing playground for surfers of all levels.

Bouznika Beach: Where Dreams Meet the Horizon

Bouznika Beach is a mellower spot for surfers who want to relax and catch some waves. The sunset at Bouznika Beach is a magnificent sight to behold and should not be missed. The mellower vibe of the beach is perfect for beginners who want to learn to surf comfortably.

Rabat Beach: A Familiar Friend in Unfamiliar Territory

Rabat Beach is a friendly place with consistent waves that are perfect for surfers of all levels. The surf community at Rabat Beach is always welcoming, and you can expect to meet new people and share some waves together. Rabat Beach is an excellent place for surfers who want to grow their surfing skills and keep the simple joy of riding waves alive.

The Secret Spot: A Hidden Tale Unfolds

No spot is a secret spot; well, it’s a hidden spot from the crowds—dirt road access, hidden by a dune. Once a mystery lingering in the surfing lore, the Secret Spot is now a place to explore. It’s like finding hidden treasure right in the backyard of your neighborhood. With waves that match good surfing skill levels and a sense of adventure, the Secret Spot beckons surfers to uncover its hidden gems.

Join me on this simple surfer’s journey, from the familiar waves of Skhirat to the undiscovered shores of Mehdia to Mohammedia. Each surf spot is a story, each wave a page turned in the book of a simple surfer’s journey. From the sandy embrace of Skhirat to the uncharted waters beyond, this is a tale of home, growth, and the enduring love for the sea.

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